Scroll Campaign

Brigham Young University – Idaho’s newspaper, Scroll, asked Soapbox Creative Agency to organize a campaign that would increase the pickup rate of the paper across campus and generate more ad revenue.

Our public relations team organized an event surrounding the “Newsies” theme we developed for the paper, which involved 12 of Scroll’s writers and some actors dressed up as Newsies from the ’20s and handing out papers to students on campus. The video below contains footage of the writers and actors.

Soapbox organized two Newsies events, both of which were more successful than we could have hoped. Each week the paper sold more advertising than it had in any week over the past two years. Additionally, the pickup rate was higher during those two weeks than it had been in any week the year prior.

Soapbox Creative Agency Self-Promotion

The agency also did some promoting on campus this semester. In addition to maintaining the agency’s website, blog and social media assets, the public relations department also helped organize and carry out an event in the student commons.


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